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JMB Creates Value through Outsourcing

Add value to your organization by leveraging skilled labor around the world.

receivables management service provider partnerships

Partner Management

Consulting for third-party service provider management selecting the right partners and monitoring results.

receivables management service provider partnerships

Master Servicing

Full-service portfolio management services to maximize performance with a focus on compliance.

portfolio sales and marketing

Portfolio Sales

Marketing and sales consulting for creditors offering immediate liquidity for receivables while minimizing risk.

Global Outsourcing Solutions

JMB Global Services is a full-service consulting firm that creates customized solutions for our client’s outsourcing needs which cover all stages of the account life-cycle. Our team has more than 20 years’ experience providing call center and portfolio management services that has enabled us to develop proven processes and methods for identifying opportunities and coordinating their execution.

Our operations span the globe with partnerships in North, Central, and South Americas as well as Asia.