A global partner network offering best-in-class services and solutions.

Behind every successful company stands a network of great partners and leading service providers. Over the past two decades, JMB has made extensive efforts to align ourselves with world-class companies who share our organizational vision, values and cultural beliefs. Each has been carefully selected and screened based on areas of expertise, operational efficiencies, compliance certifications and security requirements. They specialize across a variety of expertise within the BPO space and at all stages of the receivable’s life-cycle. Our partner global footprint enables our clients to access a talented labor force around the world.

Partner Selection

We help our clients select the right partners by focusing on a set of key success criteria designed to find the best fit for each relationship. The diversity of our partner network provides a wide pool of pre-screened talent and technology, so we can carefully consider our clients specifications and needs to identify the best match for the task.

Business Process Outsourcing

Cultivating quality call-center agents requires experience. Our team has helped locate, train and deploy high quality BPO professionals around the world in centers of excellence. Through our proprietary and proven processes, we are capable of identifying qualified individuals and developing them into teams of compassionate representatives for our client’s businesses. Through proven cost solutions, we are capable of supporting a large variety of campaigns ranging from customer interfacing to back office support.

Accounts Receivables Management

Servicing ARM portfolios requires specific knowledge of the rules and laws regulating collections and recovery. Our experienced team assists our clients with navigating the risks associated with the servicing and collecting of accounts.

Specialty Accounts

We help our clients to mitigate their receivables management risk by identifying specialty accounts and managing them through channels that specialize in the compassionate recovery efforts needed to maximize performance and mitigate risks.

Late Stage/Out of Statute

With access to a global labor pool, JMB is able to unlock value from late stage and out of statute accounts. We build strategies set on propelling opportunities while minimizing costs and complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

IT Support

JMB’s partner network includes information technology and security professionals capable of handling any development, upgrades or other related technology projects. Accessing the global labor pool presents challenges for data security, data integrity and other technical integrations. We work with our partners to mitigate these risks and coordinate the creation of projects from inception through deployment into the real-world while managing user feedback for enhancements.

Software & Systems

We have deep relationships with key software and systems providers, enabling us to deliver to clients’ cutting-edge technology solutions while controlling expenses. Our team has participated in the feedback and enhancement process for many popular software suites and systems used for call center and receivables management services.

Acquisitions Partners

Asset sales is an important part of many creditor exit strategies. JMB has relationships with carefully selected RMA certified buyers to provide a financial back-stop for distressed accounts. By selling accounts at a fixed point in time for a pre-determined price, creditors are able to add predictability to their cash-flow and add directly to their bottom-line when selling charged-off portfolios.