JMB Global Services Announces Partnerships With 2 South African Outsourcing Companies

March 27th, 2023 – JMB Global Services (JMB), a premier Executive Advisory Services firm specializing in Customized Outsourcing Solutions, Asset Sale Management, Merchant Payment Processing and Technology Solutioning, announced partnerships with 2 South African sourcing companies. These partnerships are part of a corporate-wide initiative focused on expanding JMB’s global footprint and to take advantage of the numerous benefits associated with sourcing in South Africa.

South Africa has become a preferred destination for outsourcing, thanks to its strong support from the government for international investments and job creation. The government provides grants and incentives to attract foreign investors and support the growth of local businesses, which is a huge plus for companies looking to expand their operations.

One key benefit of sourcing in South Africa is the competitive pricing. Companies can get better rates compared to Asia, Europe, and the United States, which can help reduce operating costs and increase profitability.

South Africa boasts a solid first-world business climate, with a well-developed financial system and institutions. The country is also a major player in the FSS (Financial Services Sector) market, making it an attractive destination for companies in this sector.

The natural cultural fit between South Africa and the United States is another advantage that companies can leverage. There is a great deal of synergy between the two nations, and English is the first/native language in both countries, which makes communication easier.

South Africa has also implemented strong human rights and labor laws to protect workers, ensuring that companies adhere to ethical business practices. The country has been rated as the number one destination globally for English by the Global Outsourcing Association (GSA), making it a desirable outsourcing destination.

South Africa has a reliable and stable governmental system, which provides a conducive business environment. The quality of life in the country is excellent, and the cost of comfortable living is value for money.

In summation, partnering with sourcing companies in South Africa presents numerous benefits for JMB Global Services and our clients looking to expand their global footprint. With strong government support, competitive pricing, solid business climate, and reliable infrastructure, South Africa is a top destination for outsourcing

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