JMB Global Services Announces Launch of Business Solutions Team

JMB Global Services is pleased to announce the formation of our new team “Business Solutions.” This strategic initiative aims to further streamline business processes and elevate the overall customer experience. Brandon Boyd and Ashley Kyle have been appointed as Vice Presidents of Business Solutions and will be spearheading this dynamic department.

The Business Solutions team will play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless business operations and optimizing customer satisfaction. They will proactively engage with clients to thoroughly understand their requirements, facilitating the successful execution of projects and the creation of efficient processes. By closely collaborating with the customer care team, our team will gain valuable insights into the end user’s perspective, allowing them to continually enhance the quality of products and services.

“One of our primary objectives at JMB Global Services is to consistently deliver exceptional experiences to our valued clients,” said Janice Boyd, CEO of JMB Global Services. “The establishment of the Business Solutions team, under the leadership of Brandon Boyd and Ashley Kyle, underscores our commitment to achieving this goal. Their expertise and dedication will drive our efforts to expand and improve upon the customer journey.”

The formation of the Business Solutions team at JMB Global Services marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence. By proactively addressing customer requirements and continuously refining internal processes, JMB Global Services aims to maintain its industry-leading position and exceed customer expectations.