Bridging Today’s Labor Shortage Gap: BPOs and Advanced Technologies

Companies have traditionally used technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) to expand production capacity and decrease hazards associated with manual processes. Today’s labor shortage has only heightened interest in and adoption of these solutions.

In previously published Business Insights, we explored how technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the new era of receivables management and discussed why organizations turn to BPOs for a variety of business solutions. In this edition, we will cover the benefits of both

BPOs and advanced technologies playing a role in solving for today’s pressing and costly staffing constraints.

BPO Workforce Staffing Advantages

With the alarming number of companies across many industries experiencing staffing challenges, BPOs are helping businesses realize greater efficiencies in contact center staffing across many support types such as customer service, sales, debt collection and retention. The following benefits highlight how BPOs are enabling companies to overcome the barriers and cost implications of today’s talent scarcity:

Recruiting Geodiversity
• Access to larger pools of talent across different regions.
• Workforce management scheduling and volume forecasting expertise optimizes staffing, managing service delivery performance.

Stable WFH Models
• Pandemic contingency planning primed BPOs to staff and securely manage a remote workforce.
• Global access to work-from-home support personnel.

Enhanced Profitability & Consistent Service Delivery
• Contact center expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
• Talent recruited based on brand profile resulting in lower employee turnover.
• Reduced training costs.

Technologies Supplementing Human Interactions

In recent years, companies have gravitated toward automation solutions to enable their business to operate smarter, not harder. These systems can also create improved employee experiences and increased organizational production. As employers worldwide struggle to overcome labor scarcity concerns in what was dubbed The Great Resignation, they are placing greater emphasis on their automation investments to continue operations and preserve their personnel. The labor crisis provides a window of opportunity for businesses to use modern technology like AI to simplify and speed up processes previously completed using human interaction. AI technology can help enterprises do more with less by utilizing the following contact center technologies:

Predictive Call Routing
• Detects behavioral characteristics and the consumer persona creating the optimum purchase or debt collection experience.
• AI functionality connects contact center customers with the appropriate support representative to address reasons for contacting the company, providing a highly customized experience.

Conversational AI
• One of the most common AI methods of addressing customer service inquiries and debt collection.
• Customers utilize self-service tools without the need for human assistance.
• Reduces call volume, allowing the human workforce to focus on more complex transactions.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
• Large-scale efficiency gains via automation processing.
• Filters through hundreds or even thousands of processes and automates tasks otherwise handled manually.

JMB Global Services is Here to Help

By outsourcing to a highly specialized BPO and employing AI and RPA technology, businesses will lower costs while simultaneously addressing labor shortages. We help businesses find the right BPO and implement next-generation technology solutions that improve customer experiences and enhance profitability. Contact us today to learn how our BPO selection processes and technology solutions can help empower you to create and deliver the best experience for your customers.